Week of 05 March to 11 March

Charmers, a little story about symbiotic lucky lizards for March’s Elegant Literature contest, is finished, and I’m reasonably pleased with the first draft. I’m a little worried the ending is rushed, but that’s why I do revisions and seek feedback. I probably won’t do the revision on it this week, but the one after this one. If I can figure out how to make it work, I would spend some time this next week working on that quantum probability and charm quark story I mentioned in the previous update post, but I still don’t have a plot, characters, or anything else for it, so that’s not going anywhere fast for now.

I’m just about done with chapter eight of my novel project. There’s a little wrap-up left to do before I jump into chapter nine, but I’m satisfied with the progress I made. It’s a little exposition-heavy, but I’m hoping that it’s well supported, and that by the time readers make it through seven other chapters of story they’re ready to get some answers about the ghosts I’ve been hinting at since chapter one. That’s what chapter eight is mostly about – chapter nine is where we start to see some conflict happening. Big conflict, I mean, not the minor conflicts that have existed in the story heretofore. It’s also where the timeline is going to start to get difficult, because I need to convey a lot of time passing – a couple of years, really – in the next few chapters. I’m budgeting three or four chapters for this sequence of events, which will put us about at the end of part one (of three). If I end up at about twelve chapters per part, and three parts, that’s thirty six chapters, and the final story would be around 140,000 words. That’s…actually pretty close to what I was envisioning.

Nothing terribly exciting for the upcoming posts this week. I’ll be sharing a writing resource with you on Tuesday, and Thursday’s we’ll have a review for A Journey to the Center of the Earth, which I re-read for my In My Defense story – which, if you didn’t see, is going to be posted here on IGC Publishing in May, so stay tuned for that bit of excitement. I’m also thinking I should post a sample chapter from my novel in the near future. Always more writing to do, especially if I want to have something to say in next week’s writing update. So I’m going to work on that, and I hope you’re going to read a good book this week.

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