This post is a short one, because it’s not my intent to go into details on the contents of the writing lessons that you will find at the webpage. My goal instead is to share a resource with fellow writers who follow the site. I was poking around on Orson Scott Card’s website recently and came across an archive of essays on writing called “Uncle Orson’s Writing Class.”

A handful of authors are notable for their engagement with the writing community and their willingness and desire to communicate and educate on the writing process, and Card was in that vanguard long before Sanderson joined the scene. These essays are actually Card’s responses to questions he received, and though some are dated (like this one about e-books never becoming viable), most are no less relevant for the intervening decades.

If you are a writer, and you haven’t encountered Card’s writing lessons before, I especially encourage you to check out this resource. You should also consider reading his Character and Viewpoint, which is one of the best how-to-write books I’ve read. He has a clarity and directness in communicating his nuts-and-bolts views and perspectives on writing that make his advice especially helpful.

I hope you find the essays as edifying as I did, but the best way to improve your writing is still to write and read more. So, with that in mind, I’m going to end this post here and get back to practicing my writing.

One thought on “Writing Resource: Uncle Orson’s Writing Class

  1. While I’ve been disappointed by Card’s political and social views over the years, there is no question that he is a great author and very good at teaching writing. Characters and Viewpoint is still one of my favorites.


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