Welcome back to a new year, one hopefully full of new stories both real and imagined. Although I didn’t do a lot of writing on my break, I did do quite a bit of reading. With 2020 just beginning, I want to give you all an idea of where IGC Publishing will be going for the new year.

You can expect several review posts in the coming weeks for books that I finished during the holidays: Liespotting, The Last Lecture, Unsouled, and Starsight will all be getting reviews. Some of the books we’re looking forward to reading in 2020 include a new Shannara, a new Iggulden, and perhaps most excitingly, the next book in Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive.

Last year, we published The Grounds Warden, and Zombies. For this year, I have more ambitious goals than a couple of short stories. If you’ve been following along for awhile, you know that we’re rapidly approaching the release date for the pilot “episode” of Blood Magic, an Arthurian style fantasy series modeled after the old-style, stand-alone television shows. You can read a preview of it here. With a month left before the pilot episode, I’m going to be pushing out all kinds of additional details to you: maps, character names, magic system details, and so forth. You won’t need to read these for the stories to make sense, but I know some people like extra information like that.

The goal with Blood Magic is to publish a story once a month for two years. I have short summaries of each “episode” already, but I’ve only written the first two. That means that work on my other projects will be slowed in the coming months in order to prepare additional episodes of Blood Magic. Since these stories will be coming in between seven thousand and fifteen thousand words, that seems like a reasonable goal, as long as I have interesting stories to tell. Some of where I go with the series will depend on audience reaction, so don’t forget to leave comments and reviews on the episodes, and discussions on the Blood Magic Forum.

Speaking of other projects, I fully intend to continue working on these, even once Blood Magic is in full swing. Those of you who have been following along for awhile will recognize Fo’Fonas. I’ve gathered a lot of good feedback from test readers on the first draft of the first in this series, and I’m well into writing on the second book. I’m currently looking at it being a four or five book series, and will likely write the first draft of each book before going back and editing the first one. It will be a long time, in other words, before this one gets to publication.

Fortunately, I have another novel I’m working on that I think will be ready a lot sooner. It’s not going to be as long as a Fo’Fonas book, and it will also be much lighter and faster paced. That sample chapter I posted just before year’s end is rapidly growing into what I suspect could be the first full length novel published by IGC Publishing. It’s my goal to have this book written by summer.

Remember to keep an eye on the My Works page to keep up to date on my wide range of projects.

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