It’s been some time since we posted a Blood Magic extra. As I was working on writing Noble Child, I started thinking in more detail about the oft-mentioned Blood Decrees, and I decided that it would be helpful for me to actually write down what they are. As you long-time readers know, the Blood Decrees have played a significant role in many of the events of different episodes, so I thought that some of you might be interested in seeing what I came up with for this full-text version.

The Blood Decrees were enacted not long after the Union was created, under Prime Omthon. They were enacted under the context of formalizing relations with the Isle of Blood, which at the time was actively seeking to undermine the Merolate Union, as the High Priest believed a fractured Lufilna would be less hostile to Blood Magic. Although the implementation, interpretation, and relevancy of the Decrees has fluctuated over time, they have never been stricken entirely, and form an important core of Merolate’s legal-moral dynamic. Without further ado, here are all five official Blood Decrees (and yes, these can be considered canon).

The Blood Decrees

  1. No persons shall be permitted within Merolate Union territory to utilize the ability known as Blood Magic, to include any and all powers deemed to be unnatural, and resulting from the shedding of any individual’s blood, to include animals, and the practitioners themselves.  Any persons determined to have ever made use of Blood Magic within the territory claimed by the Merolate Union shall be considered guilty of violating this decree and are subject to a minimum punishment of permanent exile.  The recommended punishment is execution by fire.
  2. The practice of the Balancer religion, commonly known as the Blood Magic religion, is permitted within the boundaries of the Merolate Union, and shall continue to be permitted under these Decrees.  However, practitioners of this faith shall not: 1) violate any other Blood Decree, 2) make visit to the Isle of Blood or any other refuge of Blood Magic users without renouncing their citizenship in the Merolate Union, 3) advertise, discuss, proselytize, or otherwise attempt to communicate and/or spread their faith unto any other persons.  Those found in violation of this Decree shall be permanently exiled.  Execution by hanging is also authorized.
  3. As a strictly academic theory, the teaching, discussion, and consideration of the Balancer Philosophies shall be strictly curtailed.  Any persons desiring to explore these Philosophies in any form must request specific and limited authorization from no less authority than the Prime’s Advisor, or such person as that Advisor may appropriately delegate in accordance with other laws and precedents.  Any writings or other products resulting from such authorization shall be subject to review by the Union government.  Any study of Balancer Philosophies conducted in violation of this Decree, or in violation of any other of these Decrees, shall be punishable by permanent exile.
  4. Possession of artifacts deemed to be related to the practice of Blood Magic or of the Balancer religion, regardless of their potential applications or magical natures, is prohibited.  Any possessors of such artifacts must submit their artifacts to the government of the Merolate Union at the castle in Merolate City to be secured in the vault.  Anyone found to be in possession of such artifacts henceforward, whether or not they are a Union citizen, shall be punished with confiscation of the artifact, interrogation, and either exile or the loss of both hands.
  5. Any persons found to be aiding and abetting the violation of any Blood Decree shall be subject to punishment equivalent to that imposed upon the individuals with whom they were associating and who were themselves in violation.

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