As you hopefully saw, here at IGC Publishing we just released our very first publication, a short story called The Grounds Warden. If you haven’t picked it up already, you can visit its page here, and buy a PDF copy for yourself.

With any luck, you enjoyed my debut short story. I’m working hard to get more stories revised, formatted, published, and released for you, but since this isn’t my actual job just yet, that process can sometimes be a bit slow. However, I have a couple of good prospects for our next publication.

I’ve long had a fondness for older television shows, where each episode is a story that can stand alone, without needing to have seen the previous episodes to follow the plot and the characters, but there are some long-running plot-lines and relationships. That concept has given rise to a series of short fiction stories that I’ve been fiddling with for a couple of years now, called Blood Magic. It has a certain Arthurian tone to it, and the first one could be almost ready for publication here, but I don’t want to make the implicit promise to you until I’ve worked out what some of the other “episodes” will be.

You may have noticed a relatively new line on My Works, a story with a working title of Enslave the Gods. This is a novella I started just a couple of weeks ago, with a Greek mythology sort of flavor, and a rather interesting main character. I’m nearly done with the rough draft, but it will probably be a month or more before I can get responses from my beta readers, put it through revisions, and have it ready for release.

There are some other possibilities (as you can see from looking at My Works), but those two are the one’s I’m most considering right now. Watch for more updates on what might be next coming off of IGC Publishing’s digital presses.

The question that almost always comes up after anything in this genre is published is “will there be a sequel, or other works in the same world?” Well, that’s a complicated question. I did, at one point, begin writing something intended as a novella-length sequel to The Grounds Warden, building on some of the questions raised by the events of the short story. Mostly, I wrote it because I wanted to write the very first scene, without intending it to continue into a real story, but I’m not closing the door on the possibility.

We’re also looking into the possibility of making an audio book version of The Grounds Warden. Standby for more information on if this project will actually happen or not.

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