For a publishing site, there aren’t really a whole lot of published works here on IGC. We have The Grounds Warden, which is just a stand-alone short story, and we have Zombies in a similar vein. Of course, we also have half a season of Blood Magic, with new episodes coming out at the end of each month. It’s this last that I want to address, because I alternate between being excited about how well our library of Blood Magic stories is developing, and worried about how working on Blood Magic stories has led to drastically less work on my other projects.

Partly to assuage my own conscience, and partially to throw a bone to those of you who really wish that I would stop going on about a series of short stories that are a selfish writing experiment, and just focus on my novels, I am excited to announce that I have created a Fo’Fonas page for the site. If you’ve been following the site for awhile, you’ve probably heard me talk about Fo’Fonas before, but in case you haven’t, it’s an alternative world, epic fantasy series that I’m working on writing. That’s the short answer – for more detail, I suggest checking out this earlier post on the subject.

For this announcement, I want to start out with what this is not. It is not a publication announcement. I do not have anything even close to a release date for the first Fo’Fonas novel, and especially for all of you alpha readers who have read the rough draft of the first book and are vehemently demanding the rough draft of the second, it does not imply that I am close to having either. So now that I’ve thoroughly destroyed all the excitement around the thing about which I am trying to generate excitement, let me tell you what this actually is.

What the new Fo’Fonas page constitutes is a dedicated place on the site where you can go to learn more about Fo’Fonas and keep up to date on my writing process as I work on this series. Although the page is fairly barren at the moment, I intend to gradually fill it out as I go, with things like details about the magic system, descriptions of different places in the world, and maybe even brief introductions to some of the characters. I’ll also post progress reports and the most recent Fo’Fonas related news. Eventually, there will also be a forum associated with the page, much like our Blood Magic forum, where you’ll be able to ask questions and discuss Fo’Fonas with other readers.

Although you have been warned against reading too much into the fact that this is happening at this particularly time, you can take it as this: a promise that I have not, in fact, forgotten about Fo’Fonas, and that eventually, one day, you will see this series finished. So head over now to learn more about Fo’Fonas.

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